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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  November 23, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:03 p.m. our big story at 4:30 p.m. in oakland woman raped and robbed by two armed and well on her way home from the bart station. the nightmare to not end there christine conley joins us live to explain what happened. christine. >> horrible story, after the attack that woman there's to suspects force her to take the back to our house were roommates were in the sexual assault of those women as well. police say there on the hunt for these two men tonight and they're calling them extremely dangerous there's a $30,000 reward for the rest. let's roll video and walk you through what happened. the victim is a 26 year-old woman and she's walking home from the west
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oakland bart station it was saturday at 12:30 p.m. and she walked several blocks away to 12th and market street which was approached by two men and one of them had gone to the sexually assaulted her in that location. it took her to an atm major withdrawal money from the atm the vorster then to go back to her house were to remake's were sleeping they robbed and sexually assaulted those women as well. police say the suspects are armed and extremely dangerous. >> what's different about this is the suspects did not of the victims they did not of the suspects you have to creditors out there that are attacking women that they did know. >> you can see there's a liquor store nearby to world this happened and our surveillance cameras on top of that store police say there are going through the surveillance footage at this point just a vague description of the suspect and no pictures that we have
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just two male suspects in the 20 the 30's there interviewing the victims to and get more informations this is an isolated in for incident at a priority here at the police department because they say was something like this happens the want to make sure they get the suspects in custody to make sure doesn't happen again. in oakland kron 4 news. >> bart was safe for all of its riders between may and november in that time three and 16 passengers reported crimes that includes a weapon or sex assaults. arson, robbery, rape and homicide. they point out that number is less the 11000 of the% of riders. most of the crimes took her to not happen on the trains. at the three and 16 cases 691 trains and 123 were in the parking lots will the remaining were the bart station. >> a look inside the storm tracker 4 radar or continuing to see snow showers pushed through like
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tahoe but those are tapered off and ask for rainshowers they push well down in the south pass moderate this hour. it did usher in some very cold there so temperatures are very much on the chilly side this afternoon. as for 9 degrees in san francisco, 49 redwood city, 51 concord, 49 that bus and these temperatures work what off after rent winds at 20 mi. an hour rate to which makes it lost three of their this afternoon. if 20 mi. an hour winds of novato, 22 napa, 24 in san jose and these are sustained winds were seeing gusts even stronger than this bay area wide. the winds will stick with us through the evening to partially over night but it will die down after midnight and that will lead to some very cold apertures over night. a freeze warning in effect for most of the bay area that's the darky senior screen, the lighter pink as a freeze watch those locations teetering on the
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freezing mark of 33, 34, 35 degrees where as a go- between is in the north bay and the delta and inland valleys. this is an effective from 1:00 a.m. tomorrow to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow with the cold air and light winds breeze the temperatures down low close to freezing. tonight into tomorrow, windy and cold conditions you see the winds died down after midnight is would be freezing out there tomorrow morning with potential record cold in some places. if the temperatures will be in the 20s in the north bay are warm is location 39 degrees. in the afternoon was the senate skies but temperatures will not warm up that much will be similar to today. we talk all about bedell catcher tahoe forecast in just a bit. >> jeff what are the road conditions like in tahoe? >> them along interstate 80 and have video that i shot earlier if we can roll that all show you what the broke conditions are like. take a
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look piquancy caltrans was out trying to get the snow removed from interstate 80 but as you concede there is a lot of it. it was freezing as i was driving up here it was a progression and the roadway became, there is evidence that the/had frozen and sold it was kind of this slippery i see sort of condition. you can see there's a big rig that at stop there he has the james and he had to be called out in a tow truck. an amtrak train it also was stopped because there's too much snow on the track. apart from the one truck that was the only accident that i saw. there's a lot of snow up here and is no dress some time are all the way up to my shoulders. >> is caltrans having
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difficulty keeping up? >> there have a little difficulty keeping up because like i said it was packed with snow the roadway. i tried to dig out with my hand to reach the ash fault that i could get down to it. it's definitely it's sort of a situation where caltrans has to work their best to get caught up. we don't know what will happen overnight and there may be a little bit more so because the skies are great. >> how would you describe the crowds were the roadways that were travelers? >> hardly anybody on the road today. i'm sure that will be a different situation, tomorrow and thursday for a lot of people in the bay area are planning on calling it a top for the giving. today not that many people in the road that i think anyone who's traveling this way will probably expect to see a lot more people on the road tomorrow. >> alright jeff bush along
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an icy the kings killed a cue. >> some new details to tell you about to the same combination of pillows, italy used to treat hiv could be helpful with prevention. in his study that spans four continents to years men that took the combined drug showed dramatically lowered infection rate. >> the cdc estimates there's one new hiv infection every nine minutes in the united states carry >> the total is more than two and half a million people each year. uc iff said that number could be cut substantially of housing and started taking the pill not used to treat hiv. marketed under the name to nevada it's a combination of two anti retro viral drugs. it was given a high risk man in six countries. >> the pill added an additional 44% decrease incidence of hiv carry >> the palace even more effective with regular use
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men and took the pill 90 percent of the time showed a 72% drop in infection. the bills must go approved by the fda for use by healthy patients. >> the researchers are hoping out that it gets quick approval after all the drugs involved here have already been okayed by the government. will be back after this break.
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san francisco giant opry house has agreed to stay with the team for at least another two seasons today he signed a $22 million contract. here's what he had disabled the contract. >> there's no doubt there is interest out there, whoever it might of been this is where want to be. i want to get down early in the off- season and not to run around and we were able to do that with all the craziness of the post season winning the world series is something
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really want to do. some other team would have to blow me away with it a four year deal. like i said, i played nine years of losing baseball for not so good teams this is the most fun i've had playing baseball in my life. to be able to come back and try that chance again and do this great city it's a big moment. >> he had 26 home runs and 86 rbis during the season and the end of the home run and eight rbis in the post season. land of the world series giants first title. on saturday kron 4 we'll replay the highlights of the parade from 7 to 8:00 p.m. read here on kron 4 news. >> a live look at solid from
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our camera of the clubs are rolling back and still continues to fall in parts of lake tahoe. if you're planning on having up there the next few days for the holiday all of your forecast coming
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26 mi. an hour winds in san francisco 28 in half moon bay. teens all for the bay area so it's quite breezy out there this afternoon and the winds will continue for the evening. sticks and live look some storm tracker 4 26 mi. an hour winds in san francisco with gusts of up to 38 mi. an hour. when looking at sustained winds gusts will of course be stronger. forcing gusts and paul walton 0 25 mi. an hour or 70 mi. an hour. after midnight the winds will die down him that will allow our temperatures to
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really plummet overnight to that's why there's a freeze warning in effect for the entire north bay, dealt the, in the valleys temperatures that are below 32 degrees. it will be the '20s to the north bay and parts of our inland valleys could see upper 20s as well. the light pink on your screen fourth represents a freeze watch that will be 34 to 35 degrees. this could pose a problem with the flying of oakland are san jose tomorrow morning the plants will need to be the is it could be delayed. but stick a look neighborhood by neighborhood at those temperatures, 26 that up, 29 san rafael, 27 st. all our rows up. some 31 livermore, 32 concord, 30 fairfield look oakland 34 degrees 35 in san jose. with those temperatures so close to freezing planes may have that frost on the wings because of the rain this
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morning and the moisture is there temperatures look like they're going to allow enough i would call your airline and check there could be delays. 42 and san francisco it should still enough to keep temperatures a little warmer there but otherwise we're looking at 30 storm warning. in the afternoon temperatures will not warm all that much '40's and low 50s. will have the school pattern for the next couple of days 49 in half moon bay, a 53 oakland, 48 in antioch, 51 san jose. if you're heading up to the mountains over the next few days. storm tracker showing you it storm pushing to topple a lingering showers much heavier couple hours ago and a few lighter snow showers right now. here tahoe forecast over the next couple of days it will be cold out there tomorrow morning just the same as it's called here but only 6 degrees to start the day, 27 degrees for high temperatures plenteous sunshine is conditions to
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test out the fresh powder. thursday and friday it gets warm but there's another storm on the way for this weekend so bring your changes you will be sitting for the weekend the road conditions will not be fun sunday. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast chilly conditions for the afternoon but a special called in the morning including banks giving in the day after. there's the storm we were mentioning it will be quick but delayed to the mountains so saturday and sunday is when we will see snow for tahoe. temperatures warm up into next week so things will dry up more pleasant conditions as we head into next week. >> the nation has been getting wild winter weather were talking about everything from tornadoes this is the midwest illinois not far from wisconsin and you can see this form was taken apart a lot of damage. we also got a frosty winter in the pacific northwest. the storm in the northwest described as vicious dumping heavy snow and roads, knocking out power to tens of thousands seattle
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thanksgiving week feels and looks more like christmas. a lot of schools are closed at traffic a real nightmare people struggling with chains trying to get car is going and at the airport there are lines of frustrated travelers. in short, people haven't been getting to work or anywhere else on time. >> i lost traction and spun out to got stuck for a wild >>. in the midwest and tornadoes rare for november. twisters destroyed homes and buildings in towns near the illinois a wisconsin border. window shattered it will still doff entries were ripped from the ground. authorities are still sifting through a pile of reports on tornado touched down as >>. i'm always just in the basement and the whole house she said were shaking, she heard that free trade everyone talks about a >>. no deaths have been reported in the midwest last we heard at least three deaths have been blamed of the snowy weather in washington state including a
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man who was hit and killed outside of his car when apparently he had stopped to try and put chains on their car. >> hear stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> i get tons of e-mail's from viewers for various subjects are really to get some money for the same subject. until today. people who ride munis lines are sick and tired of drivers not stopping for them when they exit the train. if you drive down any road that is shared with eight light vehicle there these signs telling drivers not to pass. even in the back of the trend is a bumper sticker that said motorists must up for pedestrians but it's often ignored. but gunna the driver of this year of be the driver should have stopped but he didn't. the same goes for this dodge for by for what i can't figure out is why the passenger door is open. if you see muni train coming to a stop
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you should stop and remain stockton to the train begins to move. there accidents of people leaving trains from people ignoring the station trade. did you the driver to stop and wait. and not next to the train but behind the train after of the pedestrian has the right of way when boarding and leaving a train. one more thing, the lions are dedicated transit lanes of leicester making a left-hand turn. their signs for that to signs are also ignored. one of san francisco police does a stanhope they invite me to watch in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> if you the comments or story idea offers daily e- mail us at m. a live look outside a traffic in san francisco this is the 80-101 split to and not too bad at this hour we will be right back.
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just didn't a jury is out of been guilty of taking part in torturing a teenager and tracing it might remember this the verdict came down a short time ago. those are three other people they pleaded guilty to other charges in this case back in october and it will be sentenced in december. the man felt guilty today is anthony, he was found guilty of all nine counts he was facing including torture, false imprisonment the teenager had been held captive between 2007 and 2008. waiter the man who was found guilty today live next door. >> tonight at 5:00 holiday travel, bad weather, rising gas prices, airport pat downs the good bad the ugly of traveling over the thanksgiving weekend. black friday the best deals on line and in the stores and why some of the deals are starting earlier than ever.
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5 this is kron 4 news at 5:00. from a saudi morning to a sunny afternoon in the bay area weather has taken drastic swing from one extreme to the other. it's nothing like a heavy snow carrying this year at today at 5:00 will top of the chp about travel and that tahoe and i know what to expect for those people who decide to stay at home this holiday. first, the plant down controversy reaches to airports across the country the best say is purpose is to keep you safe. one group says the hands-on approach is a bit too close for comfort. they're asking you to opt out. kron 4 kate thompson is live at sfo with more on the opt out


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